Mr. Edward Ngari / Kirinyaga Carbons

Edward Ngari runs Kirinyaga Carbons initiative that through his company Escospa Corporation Limited. It entails taking care of and conserving the natural resources; namely Mount Kenya Forest, Njukiini Forest, Murinduko Hill Forest and the riparian lands of water resources from which farmers draw water for irrigation. This is then linked to farmlands by farmers practising climate smart agriculture. Climate smart agriculture practices include minimum tillage, integrated soil and nutrient management practices, water harvesting and management, integrated pest and disease management, post-harvest management and diversified crop rotations. On the entrepreneurial side of the coin, the company connects the farmers to the consumers. The company has a focus in the specialty tea and coffee sectors.

This initiative is bound to help the small-scale farmers, especially the youth. It presents the latter with an enhanced legal and legitimate avenue to not only earn a decent living but also be a catalyst in the economic growth and prosperity of Kenya. By effectively partnering with the respective stakeholders, this initiative will deliver industry relevant entrepreneurial and job opportunities, setting in motion a domino effect in socio-economic growth and development.