Mr. James Montlake / Founder and Managing Director TeaSwap Ltd

James W. Montlake is Founder and Managing Director of TeaSwap Ltd, a company which helps its clients mitigate tea auction price volatility by use of Tea Swap contracts. TeaSwap Ltd is currently operating in Sri Lanka where it has worked with major tea packers, exporters, plantations and private factories to avoid the uncertainty of Auction prices with fixed price Tea Swaps. TeaSwap Ltd has also trialled Tea Swaps in North India in collaboration with the Indian Tea Association and is in the process of trailing Tea Swaps in East Africa referencing the Mombasa Auction.

James’ background is in business development with a speciality in Financial Derivatives. His experience is in the Financial Services sector working for major international investment banks and exchange groups on various asset classes including Precious Metals, Interest Rates and Equities. James has a Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment from Nottingham University Ningbo, China.