Mr. Joseph Wagurah / Regional Manager in charge of Africa for the Ethical Tea Partnership

Joseph Wagurah is the Regional Manager in charge of Africa for the Ethical Tea Partnership. Wagurah has worked with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) for the last thirteen years taking the lead in project management that go beyond certification. Among them is the improvement of factory efficiency, both in energy utilization and operations excellence. Factories are helped to identify areas that can be improved in order to save on energy used, both thermal and electrical.

Wagurah has spearheaded the work in Climate change adaptation and mitigation among small holder farmers to increase their resilience to climate change. Notably, the smallholder farmers have diversified their crops production reducing significantly the reliance on tea as the only income generating project. This way, farmers earn extra income even when tea is affected negatively by the changing climatic conditions.

To enhance the work in climate change, Wagurah has been a resourceful judge in determining the winning entries in the Tea Directorate (Kenya) competition for the best performing factories and small holder farmers. This competition helps both factories and farmers to better their activities which lead to mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Kenya.