Onesimus Matsiko
Mr Onesimus Matsiko / Project Manager Tea

Topic: Reclaim Sustainability! Inclusivity and fair value distribution in the global tea value chain.


1. Education & Training

  • • Graduated from Makerere University (Uganda) with BSc with Education in 1994.
  • • After brief science teaching, he was recruited into tea sub-sector for a 2-year hands-on management training by a Multinational Company Employer (Common Wealth Development Corporation partnering with James Finlay Limited) who took over Uganda’s largest tea plantation company from Uganda Government.
  • • Onesimus acquired skills in all aspects of tea business management; tea agronomy, tea processing, basic tea engineering.
  • • He acquired formal training in accounting and finance; ACCA Diploma in Accounting & Finance plus a Diploma in Project Appraisal & Management from Maastricht School of Management – MSM in the Netherlands
  • • He further acquired an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration majoring in strategic management jointly awarded by Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute – ESAMI and MSM.
  • • The Hong-Kong based holding employer (John Swire & Sons) sponsored him an advanced management program at Insead in France in the year 2005.

2. Managerial Roles

  • • Onesimus managed took over from an expatriate to manage a tea estate with its processing factory in the year 2000 and was shortly taken to head office to oversee company-wide operations (across 5 tea factories) in the following successive roles;
  • • HR & Administration Manager, Field & Factory Operations Manager and Business Development Manager.
    • Onesimus was deployed as a tea expatriate from Uganda to Kenya in the year 2006 as a Business Improvement Manager with James Finlay Kenya Ltd.
  • • In 2015, Onesimus grew his passion to apply his skills to turn around smallholder tea factory businesses as General Manager to manage business recovery for Igara Growers Tea Factory Ltd and later at Mabale Growers Tea Factory to-date.
  • • Onesimus is also a small tea grower and current Chairman of the national small tea growers association, Uganda Tea Outgrowers Association (UTOA).

3. An Exemplary Tea Farmer

  • • Onesimus chose to build a base for retirement in tea farming; he used his modest employment earnings to setup tea gardens. He, with his family, own 59 acres of tea gradually planted since 2004.
  • • He uses his experience and profile to promote profitable and sustainable tea farming.
  • • He has been a Chief Promoter of a tea outgrowers association in the year 2021 where he was appointed the 1st Chairman of the National Board of Directors.

4. Voluntary Strategic Engagements

a) The Rest of Tea Sub-Sector

  • • He was elected Chairman National Tea Steering Committee in December 2016 in a meeting organised by Uganda’s wealth creation body (Operation Wealth Creation – OWC).
    • He became a member of a tea policy formulation team led by Ministry of Agriculture – MAAIF.
    • He was a member of the tea thematic team reviewing Uganda’s Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan in the National Development Plan -NDP II (2016-2020) and formulation of the subsequent NDP III (2021 – 2026).
    • He represents the tea sub-sector on a working group developing the National Standardisation Strategy (NSS for 2022 – 2025) by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

b) Other National & Public Duties

  • • He represented his employer on the Governing Council for Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).
    • He played a key role in development of a Human Resources Manual for Mountains of the Moon University (a community institution that was developed into a public University) when he was a member of the Advisory Committee to the University Council.
    • He is a member of the National working group tasked to review Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) in Uganda.
    • From the financial integrity traits, he is currently treasurer to his home Constituency Savings and Credit Cooperative for Fish Farming (The Fishermen “Myooga” SACCO).
    • He spends his free time in Church activities and leadership. He is a Head of Laity in the Anglican Church Parish with 10 lower churches. He has been head of the Audit Committee of the Diocese.