Peiris Manuja
Mr. Manuja Peiris / Chief Executive/Statistician International Tea Committee Ltd

Manuja Peiris
Chief Executive/Statistician
International Tea Committee Ltd.
1st Floor, Millbank Tower
21-24, Millbank
London SW1P 4QP
United Kingdom

Having started his career as a Tea taster/ trader in Sri Lanka in 1977, Manuja joined the ITC ( in 1990. He believes his passion for trading and his knowledge of tea trading makes a vital contribution to his work with the ITC. As the Chief Executive/ Statistician for thirty years, he has been responsible for steering the ITC forward, taking into account the diverse views of various stakeholders. An easy-going personality, he continues to form friendships with tea industry personnel, which has strengthened the ITC in its effort to serve the tea world whilst self-generating 75% of its annual budget.

Data in publications released by the ITC are recognised as the most credible data and wider circulation of ITC publications has led to greater interest by tea companies to promote them within a target audience by advertising in the Annual Bulletin of Statistics. His tireless work has also resulted in an expansion of Full, Associate and Corporate membership categories of the organisation.